Exes Baggage



Exes Baggage is a story of Pia & Nix who instantly hit it off after a chance encounter where natural conversations eventually develop into deep attraction. Despite their wounds from previous relationships, both decide to take a chance on each other. This movie is directed by Dan Villegas under Black Sheep Productions.

Casts: Angelica Panganiban, Carlo Aquino, Dionne Monsato, Joema Bascon & Coleen Garcia.

Genre: Romance, Drama


EXES BAGGAGE is truly worth the wait. This epic comeback of  this Philippine’s iconic LOVE TEAM – “CARGEL” is truly one of the reasons why I love Filipino Romantic Films. As expected, the movie did not fail me in terms of Acting & Plot. What I like about Exes Baggage is the simplicity and rawness of its plot. Its basically a story of two lovers who are trying to fix everything in their relationship despite hardship in dealing with their own issues from the past. The plot is pretty much plain but what makes it more appealing is the fact that the scenes mirror reality from simple conversations down to the conflicts the characters are facing. Exes Baggage really speaks a lot about ourselves and our romantic experiences which is pretty much a good thing. The movie is emotionally-compelling as it utilize intimate scenes very well. I really love how slow-paced the movie is. You can just actually feel the raw emotions flowing through the characters and even directly with its audiences. I really like how the Director played the CONFLICT MATERIAL of the film and bring in various realizations about the choices we make with regards to love. Conversations are very personal and heartfelt. Acting-wise, I get everything what I paid for and even more. The whole Nix & Pia acting thing is like Carlo & Angelica in real-life. I see their story coming through different emotions to us audience. Carlo was undeniable one of the greatest actors of his generation and he was hot as hell in the movie. He doesn’t seem to age though. Carlo’s acting was impressive. Angelica on the other hand never fails to amaze us with her natural acting and “hugot” lines that almost pierced slowly to our hearts considering that she has gone through heartbreaks in real life. With this, Angelica was able to bring Pia’s role into an almost perfect shape. Overall, EXES BAGGAGE might be conversational in nature but when you focus on the emotions of the characters and immersed yourself with its simple plot, you can actually see a heartfelt romantic movie that need not to be cheesy or mainstream for it to inspire and stir emotions out of its audiences. Worth-watching all over again.


Again, I can’t hate what I love. CARGEL forever!!!


10/10 Popcorn.



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