Ready or Not




Ready Or Not follows a young bride as she joins her new husband’s rich, eccentric family in a time-honored tradition that turns into a lethal game with everyone fighting for their survival. This movie is directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillet under Fox Searchlight Pictures.

CAST: Samara Weaving, Adam Brody, Mark O’Brien, Henry Czerny & Andie MacDowell

GENRE: Thriller, Comedy


Ready Or Not is perhaps one of the most surprising thriller masterpieces Hollywood has ever made. With the perfect combination of gore, thrills, suspense, comedy & some pretty dark premise, the movie is highly-entertaining and engaging from beginning to end. I really the concept of this film that is rooted with an unusual family tradition and a sprinkle of socio-economic matters. The whole film is actually interesting to begin with. Right after the Hide & Seek scene, the rest of the sequences are full of fun, thrills & suspense. I really how comedy blended well with some pretty gory & disturbing scenes. The Climax is really how a Climax should be. The twist is amazing too.  Ready Or Not re-introduces a new kind of horror genre. The film’s strength actually lies on its talented cast. Samara Weaving is perfect for the role and she nailed all her performances here. She is a badass heroine and I am looking for more lead performances from her. The rest of the actors and actresses are really impressive too especially the whole family. The Setting is also great and Cinematography is impressive. I really how everything compliments given the dark theme of the whole movie. Indeed, this is worth-watching and I highly recommend to all fans of dark comedy-horror.


There is nothing to hate about Ready or Not.


10/10 Popcorn


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