The Ritual




Following the sudden, violent death of their best mate, four young men reunite for a hike through the Scandinavian wilderness. Deep in the black, Nordic forest they find themselves lost in a hell of sinister nightmares and pagan sacrifices. For these ancient woods are home to a malevolent deity which will force them to face the darkness inside themselves. This film is directed by David Bruckner under Netflix.

CAST: Jacob James Beswick, Rafe Spall, Robert Collier, Arsher Ali & Sam Troughton.

GENRE: Thriller, Mystery


The Ritual was able to utilize well the Scandinavian Setting and superb Forest Scene with the film’s dark premise and chilling atmosphere. The film started off with a tragedy among a group of friends which is actually a brilliant way to establish a good cinematic masterpiece. As the story progresses, the film was able to bring in a whole new kind of fear of the unknown and mystery that is perfectly executed with a beautiful scenery and some teasers along the way. I really like how the conflict was presented specially on the part when everything is crumbling down. The characters are faced and surrounded with unsettled issues leading towards a heart-pounding climax. The tension build up was really good. There were a few terrifying moments that will truly leave you at the edge of your seats. The setting was really the perfect choice indeed. The actors were also great. I love how drama, mystery & thriller blended into one masterpiece that is good for one round of popcorn and soda.


I wish the film could have invested more on the Climax specially on the reveal of the creature. I find it a little bit lackluster because the build up of tension was too high.


7/10 Popcorn

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