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How to Steal a Dog? (2014)




How to Steal a Dog is a 2014 Korean Movie about Ji-so who saw a missing dog poster that has a huge money reward. Desperate to help her family buy a house, Ji-so will find away to claim that reward by finding a dog with a rich owner. This movie is based on the best-selling novel of Barbara O’Connor under the direction of Kim Sung-Ho. It is also one of the Official entries of the 2017 KOREAN FILM FESTIVAL happening in SM Lanang Premier Cinema 1 Davao City from September 14 – 17, 2017.

Casts: Kim Hye-Ja, Lee Re, Choi Min-Soo, Kang Hae-Jung, Le Chun-Hee, Lee Hong-Gi

Genre: Comedy, Drama


How to Steal a Dog is a heartwarming masterpiece that is full of positivity and lessons from beginning to end. Its a light-hearted film that is truly engaging and inspiring as well. The movie is built on a very simple storyline yet it never fails to impart a very valuable lesson through simple and interesting scenes. As a whole, its a family film. Its very light approach and very creative and dynamic story-telling techniques made the movie enjoyable to watch. Aside from that, the whole plot is not that complicated at all. Despite some tendencies of being predictable, the movie stood ground by its great and realistic ending. Indeed, the movie has a pinch in the heart. I also loved the characters in the movie especially the child characters. They were just amazing and so delightful to watch.


Lowering your expectations on the movie will somehow manage your overall view. Still, its a feel-good flick to watch.


8/10 Popcorns.

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The Flu (2013)


The FLU is a 2013 Korean disaster film that made successful runs in the Hollywood box office despite a very modest ratings of movie reviews compared with Train to Busan. The FLU is a terrifying disaster film about a flu brought about by birds and transmitted to humans. Infection will get through you respiratory system and will kill you in the next 3 days. The premise itself is disturbing as it can happen in real life. What I loved about this movie is that it is fast-paced. The plot was organized well from the beginning, transmission of the virus and the outbreak itself. It is the “Contagion” and “Outbreak” Feels of Asia. It makes me prouder as well as the production value can somehow be at par with that Hollywood. Minor improvements on CGI effects are forgivable. The chaotic scenes were well executed as well. Loved the backroom scenes of the Government and Internal relations team that made it a little bit of nationalistic and realistic as well. The mixture of drama and romance are downplayed and blended well with the suspense and thrills of the film. Watch out for a lead supporting role from a Filipino citizen in the film. (yes, he is speaking Filipino here). Overall, I was impressed with the film. Just don’t compare it with Train to Busan as this is another cup of tea. 5/5 stars.