Haunted Mansion


Regal Films finally regained their Horror reputation with Haunted Mansion. I actually enjoyed this MMFF Entry with some pretty solid jump-out scares and gory scenes that are quite impressive of a Pinoy film. The film is truly a masterpiece as it boast good production design and cinematography. Musical scoring was also good. Good choice for the Mansion by the way as the setting. This time, Regal Films deviated from adding goofy scenes and invested on dark atmosphere and serious straight horror formula. Gone are the SRR days actually. It may be a risk but putting in some young teen stars worked well. Janella Salvador showed her best acting abilities and did not disappoint in the film. Marlo and Jerome were able lead men as well. Other cast were a good support. I so love the female bullies in the film. Horror sequences were delivered with a punch. Flashback scenes were justified well. Haunted Mansion may contain some of Hollywood’s Horror cliché but this was for me one of the best Pinoy horror film to date. As a Horror fan, I am satisfied. 5/5 stars.


Buy Now Die Later


A resemblance of Stephen King’s Needful Things – Buy Now, Die Later started off as an interesting Horror comedy involving a demonic owner of a shop that can fulfill your desires and fantasies in life. Studded with a promising & talented cast that is the film’s major strength. It has some good yet minimal jump-out scares injected with the right amount of comedy. After the 2nd half, everything was a mess. I find the climax to be weak and goofy though. Nevertheless, this was a good attempt for a Pinoy film in the field of Horror-comedy. I really love Sweet Lapus’ scenes. Pak na pak! 3/5 stars.


Beauty and the Bestie


The best Vice Ganda and Wenn Deramas Comedy Film to date and probably the one with most sense as a whole. Beauty and the Bestie will truly be this year’s highest MMFF 2015 Film with a great comic ensemble from Vice Gand, Lassy & MC; a very charming Coco, a promising child star duo and JaDine to complete the blockbuster package. It may still have non-sense parts but I love the plot as it combined action, comedy, romance into one compelling Pinoy masterpiece that will make you laugh from beginning to end. Finally, the film invested on Production design, good action sequences and stunts and some great Cinematography. JaDine was truly a great compliment and a breath of fresh air. Coco on the otherhand was the best choice for the role. Watch out for some memorable scenes from Coco on this one both for action and comedy. Truly a comedy film with a heart. Thanks Wenn and Star Cinema. 5/5 stars.


My Bebe Love

my-bebe-love-posterMy Movie Review may somehow be biased being an ALDUB Fan. Overall, My Bebe Love is a toned down RomCom Film that is truly pleasing for Ai-ai, Bossing & Aldub Fans out there. With a very light plot and some good acting from Maine & Alden, MBL is an overall feel good movie this Holidays. Maine is a revelation considering that she is a new comer in the industry. Alden never fail to amuse his audirmcr with his charm. It may lack some formula in terms of conflict but it was a satisfying entry for this year’s festival. Lowering expectations might be good when watching this flick. I’ll give it 4/5 star


All You Need is Pag-ibig


Walang pinipiling edad kapag nasaktan. Kapag nasaktan, nasaktan. Kapag ayaw na, ayaw na – The most striking statement from Nova Villa in All You Need is Pag-ibig. This film turns out to be better than I expected. Heartwarming and relatable. A feel-good and easy to digest film about the kinds of love we face everyday. The plot is truly a Jadaone-crafted one. The story and concept of love was presented and established well throughout the film. I love how the Director played with the connection of all the characters. No dull scenes for me. The cast was great as well. Hats off to Ronaldo & Nova on this one. The best kilig parts were also from Ian & Jodi who definitely delivered their best. Hoping to see more Ian & Jodi films in the future. Kris Aquino is Kris Aquino in this film. Overall, All You Need is Pag-ibig is far from being your average Romantic Film as it will bring genuine smiles on your faces when you go out the theater house. Cried some bucket on some scenes from Nova & Ronaldo 🙂 Worth-watching for both single and hopeless romantic. 5/5 stars.



In the Heart of the Sea


Captivating. Thrilling. Emotionally disturbing. A narrative masterpiece that is probably the best sea adventure-themed movie so far. In the Heart of the Sea gives you a terrible chill in the spine from its talented actors to some topnotch cinematic achievements in cinematography & film editing. It will bring you to a horror in the sea and the fear of the unknown. Truly, a vivid interpretation of human survival and hope amidst tough times. Hats off to Chris Hemsworth for such a powerful performance. I give it 6/5 stars for being the best inspirational adventure movie of all time.


Victor Frankenstein


An interesting spin-off from a creature film that became downhill until the end. It started as an interesting take on Frankenstein with powerful performances from MacAvoy & Radcliffe and some really great production design of old and dark London. The strength of this film lies on the characterization of its talented cast. The major failure is the film itself. It lacks substance and darkness from a creature that has been feared by many. It lost its momentum half-way through. The climax could have been longer. Well, at least, this is Radcliffe’s shining moment. Still enjoyed it in the end. 3.5/5 stars.




Never seen Horror & Comedy rolled into one present this Holidays. Krampus is not your ordinary Christmas movie that will make you laugh, scare you a bit and touch your hearts with its wonderful message of Family love & sacrifice. Despite its dark Christmas theme, the movie will tickle your heart with heartwarming sequences and some goofy scenes from your favorite Christmas icons. It may fail on establishing a solid start and plot at first, but it somehow touched its audiences with its storyline. The movie is quite far from being a good one nor closer from being a trash as well. 3.5/5 stars.




Spectre is a decent addition on the 007 Series that have been classically entertaining its audience with thrills and twists that will keep you at the edge of your seats throughout the film. It may be bloated but its generally pleasing to the eyes of action junkies out there. In spite of the same formula used all over again, this Franchise deviates itself with great locations, catchy action sequences and likable characters. Daniel Craig is still awesome on this one. 4/5 stars.


Everyday I Love You


When you loved LizQuen from Just the Way You Are, you’ll even love them more in Everyday I Love You. Cheers to ABS-CBN for this another wonderful romantic masterpiece of one the biggest loveteams in the PH nowadays. Aside from featuring the beautiful city of Bacolod, EILY draws its strength from a very light-hearted plot that can keep you smiling when you go out of the theater house. I see a more mature Liza and Enrique in terms of acting. Not to mention their undeniably strong chemistry together. I commend how organized the director is in terms of sequences. The Cinematography of the film is crafted well. Aside from kilig overload, the story blends in the right amount of family drama typical of a Pinoy Romcomm. A feel-good romantic movie Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. 5/5 stars for this. 10/5 stars for Enrique’s stares and smiles. Lol!