Elsa is a troubled young woman who is yearning for a mature and intimate relationship. Her journey began when he met a stranger that will truly changed her life forever. This Movie is directed by Darryl Yap under Viva Films and Vincentiments.

Cast: Kim Molina, Kakai Bautista, Cai Cortez, Chad Kinis, Jerald Napoles, Fabio Ide & Candy Pangilinan.

Genre: Comedy, Drama


Jowable is a surprising heartfelt and wonderful cinematic masterpiece that is truly entertaining from beginning to end. The story-line was laid down well with comedy and family thing going on the first part. You will be entertained with the frustration of Elsa of looking for the greatest love of his life. The movie has the right blend of humor and family drama that is enough to sustain your interest all throughout the movie. What I like about Jowable is how it mirrors raw emotions and valuable lessons with a very shallow premise – being “JOWABLE” or worthy of having a relationship. The Climax & turning point was crafted well along with a realization turn-around scene that will send a pinch in your heart. JOWABLE introduced a lasting love we all deserve. Cinematography and Sound Engineering is good. The whole packing of the story and plot really fit in with a wider kind of audience from Mainstream to Independent one. I really like how Director Darryl Yap envisioned Jowable as a movie that will redefine how Filipino Films should be done. Acting-wise, Jowable is already worth your admission ticket. The movie is composed of brilliants actors and actresses who had their shining moment within the film. Kim Molina’s acting chops are impressive. She is the reason why JOWABLE is a must-watch film. More than Kim, Kakai and Cai gave impressive performances as well along with other lovable characters. I really like how Kakai complimented well with Kim on this movie. Overall, JOWABLE deserves the recognition and the blockbuster status.


Again, you can’t hate what you truly love.


10/10 Popcorn

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